CERT Basic Training Online

Once you've registered for CERT Basic Training, if you selected the online coursework option, follow these instructions to complete basic training and the additional medical triage module.

Certificates of completion from both modules must be emailed to coastsidecert@gmail.com to reserve your place in the in-person training and graduation day.

Basic Training

Follow these instructions to complete the classroom portion of your basic training online.

  • Go to https://cert.hazready.com/CourseCatalog

  • Scroll down and select ONLINE TRAINING - CERT 2021 en

  • Click Register

  • Make a user account

  • Be sure to save your login information and login link. Your course progress will be saved and can be accessed later at the same link.

  • You can access the training over your smart device or computer and complete the course at your pace and convenience.

Plan to spend approximately 8-12 hours completing the courses. Upon completion, email your certificate to coastsidecert@gmail.com.

Medical Triage Module

After completing the Basic Training course there is one more module in Medical Triage to be completed before the In Person Training Day. This triage module has only recently been added to the Hybrid CERT online program but is strongly encouraged for all CERTs in California. There is a one-hour online portion and then Chief Cosgrave will "localize" the content for the Coastside during the Zoom Q&A he provides for each class.

To access the Triage online module:

  • Go to https://csti-ca.csod.com

  • Register for an account. (Green icon with light bulb.)

  • Login

  • Click on Browse Training (Binocular icon - Yellow gold icon 2nd from left.)

  • Scroll down to "Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Basic Course - Hybrid Training Triage Module" noted by blue monitor. (Next course listed after Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Basic Course - Hybrid Training)

  • Launch Training (allow pop-ups)

  • Take the training (the small arrows to advance slides are at very bottom right of screen)

Upon completion, forward the Triage module certificate to coastsidecert@gmail.com.