How can you get involved?

Neighborhoods are meeting to define their own priorities and organize themselves around three objectives:

  1. Prepare each residence. This focuses on basic emergency preparation and hazard mitigation.
  2. Meet your neighbors before a disaster and create an emergency response plan for each block and neighborhood. This includes neighbors helping neighbors, rally points and a communication plan with first responders.
  3. Implement resilient shelter-in-place resources. This includes, but is not limited to, alternative power sources, water purification, telecom microgrids.

We encourage all levels of participation.

Take your next step!

Don’t have any spare time? Prepare yourself with:

    • Water — 1 gallon per day per person (don’t forget your pets!)
    • Food — items that don’t need to be refrigerated or cooked (don’t forget your pets!)
    • First aid kit — including prescription and over-the-counter medications

Can check on your immediate neighbors? Coordinate with your Block Lead.

Can help disseminate information to your block? Volunteer to be a Block Lead.

Can facilitate meetings in your neighborhood and liaise with Coastside CERT and other neighborhoods? Volunteer to be a Neighborhood Lead.

We can’t do everything at once, but we can make progress towards resilience in small, coordinated steps, emphasizing common sense communications, cooperation, resource management, and risk mitigation.

For more details on each neighborhood, please see the Roster Summary spreadsheet and scroll down to find the contacts for your neighborhood and then fill out the form to Join our program.

Coastside Neighborhoods (North to South)

Our Coastside is lucky to have so many dedicated people working together to build a resilient community. Below is a list of the 32 Coastside neighborhoods that are coordinating with us and their leadership teams. Those neighborhoods without leadership teams are being helped by the Coastside CERT coordinators until leaders are found.


Moss Beach

  • Neighborhood Leads: Lori McCoy, Julia Wilson
  • Data Manager: Michele Duke (acting)
  • Block Leads: Terry Plank (Tierra Alta, Loma Vista, and Linda Vista), Sandi Winters (Wave Ave), Valerie and Tim Dubois (Buena Vista), Julia Wilson (800 block of Buena Vista), Frances Nelson (Winke Way), Lori McCoy (400 Block of Lancaster)
  • Contact: or fill out the form to Join your neighborhood.

Seal Cove

Pillar Ridge


Princeton-by-the-Sea/Clipper Ridge

El Granada

  • Neighborhood Lead: April Larsen, Laura Smith
  • Zone Leads: April Larsen (zone 1), Michele Duke (zone 2), Aryae Coopersmith (zone 3), Eilleen MacLean (zone 5), Laura Smith (zone 6) , Cybele Pelcher (zone 6), Michael Phelan (zone 7), Chip Chandler (zone 8), Andra Anderson (zone 9), Cassius Rhymes (zone 9), Karen Yorke (zone 9)
  • Block Leads: Caroline Bengston, Ingo Bork, Birgitta Bower, Teresa Bowerman, Wanda Bowles, Chip Chandler, Aryae Coopersmith, Michele Duke, John Dye, Carrie Gardner, Mary-Anne Giglio, John Kennedy, Heidi Kling, Lisa McCoy, Allan Olivo, Cecile Pinto, Jane Praysilver, Ray Lhasa, Hilary Saunders, Stephen Saunders, Virginia Stalder, Laura Sutr, Beatrice Theodorou, Mary Em Wallace, Ken Will, Graham Wood
  • Data Managers: Michele Duke, Forrest Wunderlich
  • Contact or fill out the form to Join your neighborhood.

East Miramar

West Miramar

Frenchman's Creek

  • Neighborhood Leads: Jim Williams, Jenny Goshorn
  • Block Leads: Pamela Carrington-Tribble, Linda Dvorak, Jeanine Gore, Jeffrey Goshorn, Galen Goyer, Debbie Green, Rick Green, Tyler Hall, Tim Klusman, Brian Marshall, Daniel Mello, Irma Morawietz, Louis Tribble, Brent Turner
  • Data Manager: Carolyn Belknap
  • Contact or fill out the form to Join your neighborhood.

Sea Haven/Spindrift

Kehoe/Casa del Mar


Highland Park


92 Corridor


Cypress Cove/Stone Pine

Downtown Half Moon Bay


Senior Campus/Sea Crest School

Arnold Way/Villa Cardoza

Main Street Park

Pilarcitos Park

Alsace Lorraine

Arleta Park/Poplar

  • Neighborhood Leads: Justin Stockman, Connie Gerster, Rinaldo Veseliza,
  • Data Manager: Cynthia Sherrill
  • Block Leads: Amber Amaro (Seymour), Guliz des Tombe (Magnolia), Tim Whalen (Magnolia), Monnett Soldo (Metzgar), Justin Stockman (Metzgar), Rinaldo Veseliza (Grove), Connie & Paul Gerster (Filbert), Susan Kerby (800 Railroad/ Poplar), Colleen Amour (Poplar), Teresa Rourke (Spruce), Ted Wallach (Poplar)
  • Contact or fill out the form to Join your neighborhood.


Ocean Corner

Ocean Colony

Cañada Cove


Rural South HMB/Purissima Creek