Coastside CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is an emergency preparedness volunteer organization focused on creating a ready and resilient community along the San Francisco Bay Area coast from the southern side of the Tom Lantos Tunnel (Devil’s Slide) to Tunitas Creek Road.

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"There is likely no better local example of how a little public investment coupled with a spirit of community service can make an incalculable difference in the lives of real people."
Clay Lambert, Editor, Half Moon Bay Review

Op/Ed article on Coastside CERT, 11/11/2020

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Upcoming Coastside CERT Events

October 19 Chief Cosgrave's Hybrid CERT/Triage Q&A Zoom. 6:30-8:30 pm. A meeting for all students registered for the Fall CERT 2021 class and those who complete the online Triage online module before October 19.

Here is a link to the recording of the Zoom Q & A and instruction session held on October 19.

November 2 Chief Cosgrave's Zoom for CERT Training Day Volunteers. 6:30-8:30 pm. A meeting for all CERTs who have volunteered to help train new CERTS and refresh their own skills at the November 6 Training Day. To volunteer please contact

Noviembre 4 y 5 Se ofrece Curso de LISTOS en Español 6:00-8:00 pm. Cursos gratis enseñados en Zoom en clases de 2 horas, patrocinados por la ciudad de Half Moon Bay en alianza con Ayudando Latinos a Soñar (ALAS), LISTOS, y Coastside CERT. Graduados del curso (4 horas total) recibirá una bolsa con contenido de primeros auxilios. Este curso de preparación de emergencia esta abierto a individuales y familias que reside, trabaja o asiste a la escuela en Half Moon Bay. 30 para el curso es administrado por ALAS. Para registrarse, comuníquese con Nancy -

November 4 + 5 LISTOS Course taught in Spanish 6:00-8:00 pm. Free Zoom course taught in two 2-hour classes sponsored by the City of Half Moon Bay in alliance with Ayudando Latino A Soñar (ALAS), LISTOS, and Coastside CERT. Graduates of the 4-hour course receive a backpack with emergency supplies. This emergency preparation course for individuals and families is open to all Spanish speakers who live, work, or go to school in Half Moon Bay. Course registration is managed by ALAS. To register, simply contact Nancy at

November 6 Hybrid CERT Training Day and Graduation, Coastside Fire Station 40, HMB. CERT volunteers who would like to refresh their skills are enthusiastically invited to participate. Sign up below! Questions? Please contact

That's it for 2021. Thanks everyone!

Let's take a training & events break for the holidays, relax, spend time with family & friends and resume next year. Individual neighborhoods may continue as they wish - we don't want to slow neighborhood momentum. Of course, we will jump back into action if there is an emergency affecting our community; otherwise, we look forward to seeing you again in the 1st quarter of 2022. We are always here for you at

Great Coastside ShakeOut

Saturday morning October 9, 2021

On Saturday, October 9th at 10 am Coastside CERT, HMBARC, SC4ARES, DART, South Coast CERT, and Kings Mountain CERT participated in the 2021 Great Coastside ShakeOut. Chief David Cosgrave started with a quick 15 minute Earthquake safety webinar and set the table for neighborhoods and groups to exercise their ability to respond post-earthquake to be the help before help arrives.

Well done to all participants!

Participant Results


We are thrilled with the response to Chief Cosgrave's Hybrid CERT Class! Thank you all for your interest. This class is completely full, as is the waitlist. We will offer it again in the first quarter of 2022. If you signed up before 5:00 on 10/12/21, please finish your online modules. There are 30 places in the in person skills Training Day on November 6. Seventeen people have already finished the online course modules and sent us their completion certificates, thereby reserving their places at Training Day. Thirty-six more people are currently working their way through the online modules. The next 13 people from the registered candidates list to finish will reserve their places for November 6. Everyone else will have an opportunity to come to the next in person Training Day in early 2022. Don't worry, all your completed modules will be saved. Thanks again for the enthusiastic response to this class!

This is the new way to take CERT Basic Training - Start Now and

Graduate November 6, 2021

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact the Coastside and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, earthquake survival skills, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.

Coastside CERT basic training also offers additional instruction in medical triage, basic radio communication, neighborhood emergency response organization, evacuation information, and tips for surviving a fire in the Tom Lantos tunnels.

Using the training learned in the classroom and during CERT exercises, members can assist their community or workplace following an emergency event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. Coastside CERT Hybrid Basic Training is a powerful and informative course in actionable local emergency preparedness knowledge.

The course is FREE. You will receive a CERT manual (online/hardcopy) as you begin the class and CERT backpack kit at the In Person Training Day.

This free training includes an online portion followed-up by an in-person, hands-on, practical training day led by Division Chief David Cosgrave at Coastside Fire Station 40 in Half Moon Bay on November 6, 2021.


  • Estimated Time = 12 hours (some have finished in much faster and others have taken longer)

  • Access it on your mobile device or computer.

  • Complete it at your pace and at your convenience.

  • Course progress will be saved and can be resumed later.

  • You will receive the link to the online portion of your training once you register.

  • After completing the Basic Training course there is one more module in Medical Triage to be completed before the In Person Training Day. This triage module has only recently been added to the Hybrid CERT online program but is strongly encouraged for all CERTs in California. There is a one-hour online portion and then the Chief will "localize" the content for the Coastside during the October 19 Zoom Q&A.

How to access the Triage online module:

  • 1. Go to

  • 2. Register for an account. (Green icon with light bulb.)

  • 3. Login

  • 4. Click on Browse Training (Binocular icon - Yellow gold icon 2nd from left.)

  • 5. Scroll down to "Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Basic Course - Hybrid Training Triage Module" noted by blue monitor. (Next course listed after Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Basic Course - Hybrid Training)

  • 6. Launch Training (allow pop-ups)

  • 7. Take the training (the small arrows to advance slides are at very bottom right of screen)

  • 8. Please forward the Triage module completion certificate to

  • Chief Cosgrave will hold a Zoom Q & A and Instruction session on October 19 from 6:30-8:30 PM with all registered students who have completed or are actively working on the online training modules to provide localized Coastside knowledge to your CERT training and answer any questions you may have. With a genuine passion for teaching, Chief Cosgrave weaves his three decades of Coastside first responder experiences in and out of FEMA's basic training curriculum with threads of practical life-saving skills, relatable stories to boost your Coastside survival IQ, and a wicked sense of humor. He knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak (says he won't tell ;), and shares his amazing experiences to teach you, your family, and your neighbors how to stay safe.

  • Certificate of online completion in both Basic Training & Medical Triage must be emailed to by 5:00 PM OCTOBER 31, 2021 to reserve your place for the In Person Training Day and graduation. Our next In Person Training Day will be held November 6, 2021.


  • Estimated Time = 7 hrs

  • Date and Time: November 6, 2021, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

  • Location: Coastside Fire Station 40, 1191 Main St., Half Moon Bay, 94019

  • All COVID-19 precautions will be observed: masks and gloves, social distancing, handwashing, and sanitizing.

  • Must attend full day in order to receive final certificate of course completion. You will be a full-fledged CERT graduate by end of this session.

  • Chief Cosgrave has designed the in-person training day based on localized knowledge and the Hybrid CERT curriculum checklist. No slides. The emphasis is on learning by doing: Instructors demonstrate and students practice the skills, progressing from one skill station to another followed by team participation in disaster simulations.

If you have any questions, please contact Coastside CERT Program Coordinator Cynthia Sherrill (

Thank you! You can do this!

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  • Free disaster preparedness & response training - basic training, ongoing refresher classes, and advanced training in English & Spanish.

  • Communications infrastructure to send timely local safety messages, webinars, videos, tutorials, and Chief David Cosgrave's Newsletters.

  • Critical practice drills & mutual aid activations with other emergency response agencies, as during the CZU fires & burn scar debris flow evacuations, and CERT volunteers who have continuously staffed HMB COVID testing sites since June 2020.

  • Preparedness & response equipment.

  • Growth of neighbor helping neighbor networks in every local neighborhood as they work together to strengthen communication and resilience.

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